Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bloodcat Love at the Detroit Bar

The Detroit Bar was rocking again as Bloodcat Love continued with their month long residency. I unfortunately arrived late and missed Rumspringa but heard they played a good set.

Bloodcat Love

Bloodcat Love delivered another tightly spun set of hip shaking infectious rock. I can't say enough about Bloodcat Love as they have really honed their sound and sounded even tighter on this particular night. Myles was all over the Detroit Bar as he would frequently grab his microphone stand and wander out into the crowd in the midst of his performance. I will go into detail about the use of guitar pedals and guitar tones that Bloodcat Love use in my review of their last show but was impressed with the Crowther Audio Double Hot Cake and Electro Harmonix Micro Pog. I have previously spotted the Crowther Audio Hot Cake in quite a few good rigs including Autolux and The Jesus And Mary Chain. "Dirty White Fingernails", "The Fever", "Gold and Tar" rocked in their usual fashion. I also have been digging their new tunes "Baby 5" and "I Promised You A Lie". I also have been hearing rumblings of new EP which is in the final mixing stages. Hopefully, I will have more information when I post the last review of their Detroit Bar residency.

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Mel said...

I think it's impossible for Myles to look bad in a picture.. that guy just oozes rock and roll. Looks like they went off, as usual!!