Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bloodcat Love and The Happy Hollows at the Detroit Bar

Bloodcat Love has been on my radar dating back to October 2006 when I saw them open for Jet at the House of Blues in Anaheim. When I saw the flyer announcing a Bloodcat Love residency at the Detroit Bar, I knew were I would be spending my Monday nights for the month of July.

The Happy Hollows

Are you a card-carrying member of "The Hollowbodies"? The Hollowbodies are a burgeoning collective of dedicated Happy Hollows fans that attend multiple shows. I would like to think I qualify, as this was my fifth time catching the Happy Hollows. They played an astonishing set at Spaceland during the Afternoons residency. "Meteors" had jangly guitars shower the room as Sarah Negahdari dipped into her vast array of stage moves. "Flower Children" is an explosive jam that borders on punk rock with a Happy Hollow twist and space age keyboards. Another unreleased tune "Shark" was caffeine fueled varying time signature romp that had Sarah blow me away with a batch of guitar harmonics reminiscent of Burning Airlines. "Colors" had the requisite tambourine toss mid song as the band was roaring in overdrive. "My Wet Tongue" and "Lieutenant" was worked into the set before they closed it out with a blazing version of "Monster Room". The Happy Hollows will be dropping by the Prospector on July 19th with the Transmissions and Forcefield On.

Bloodcat Love

It is hard to fully appreciate Bloodcat Love until you have seen them live. Only Dreamers Left Alive is their debut EP and delivers the soundtrack to a high-speed car chase from the era of Kojak. Myles Hendrick (Vocals) is a compelling performer who sweats out his soul on the stage. After a few members shake ups, Bloodcat Love looks primed and ready to take on the world with their dirty martini secret agent rock tunes. The bass drum started to thump followed by a grooving bass line as "Dirty White Fingernails" kicked off their set. The dueling guitars of a Fender Jazzmaster and a Fender Telecaster seared the ears of the audience as Myles was frantically dancing and moving around the stage. "Get Me Out of Here" continued the furious pace as the crowd from the Detroit Bar had started to move in closer to check out all the action. "Yeah Yeah Sweet" starts off as a mid paced number before it burns into overdrive during the fiery chorus. "I Promised You A Lie" was a new tune that they debuted to the crowd that showed they have quite a few musical tricks in their bag. The cowbell never gets old as they bolted through the infectious melodies of "The Fever". I try to make it to a number of different residencies in the course of the month but I need another fix of Bloodcat Love on July 21st with Rumspringa.

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Mel said...

I think I'll definitely be joining you next time... they are alway such a fun band to see!