Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Helio Sequence at the Detroit Bar

My schedule tentatively had me in Las Vegas for Stone Temple Pilots but I was unable to paste it together at the last minute. The consolation prize was hefty in that I was able to catch The Helio Sequence again at the Detroit Bar. The Helio Sequence is wrapping up their tour to support one of my favorite albums of the year Keep Your Eyes Ahead.

I walked into the Detroit Bar as the lofty chords of "Lately" floated through the air. Immediately I was reminded how sharp they are live when I last saw them at the Detroit Bar. The various electronic bleeps and blips filled the Detroit Bar as Brandon Summers (Vocals/Guitars) tore into a ripping harmonica solo for the intro of “Harmonica Song”. Brandon didn’t let up as they extended the song with a epic space age guitar solo. A circus like synthesizer arrangement nicely contrasted the hyperactive drumming of Benjamin Weikel (Drums) as “Don’t Look Away” was expertly executed. “Can’t Say No” is a song that demands an automatic download from itunes as it could very well be the official song of the summer with its sunny guitars and the soothing vocals .

The Helio Sequence brought it down a notch with the quiet hypnotizing guitar melodies of “Shed Your Love”. Reaffirmation and redemption prevailed in the lyrics of “You Can Come To Me”. An off kilter drum beat of “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” tightly hugged the weaving guitars that went into outer space as Brandon activated his George Dennis pedal for some huge phasing during the chorus. Brandon stood alone with his acoustic guitar as he rendered a blissful version of “Broken Afternoon". If The Helio Sequence signs on the right tour or placed in the next itunes commercial who knows what heights they would reach.

Brandon Summers Pedalboard

The Helio Sequence Setlist at the Detroit Bar (6/20/08)
“Captive Mind”
“Let It Fall Apart”
“Harmonica Song”
“Don’t Look Away”
“Can’t Say No”
“Shed Your Love”
“You Can Come To Me”
“Keep Your Eyes Ahead”
“Broken Afternoon”
“Everyone Knows Everyone”

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