Monday, June 02, 2008

Cut Copy at the Echoplex

Cut Copy stopped by the Echo a few months ago as they gave fans a sneak peak of songs from their new album In Ghost Colours. It was definitely one of the hottest shows of all year. Could Cut Copy repeat their scintillating performance? I hauled cross town after the Kooks show at the Wiltern to find out.


I strolled into the Echoplex as Classixx was polishing off their set. Classixx were formerly known as Young Americans but had to switch their name to avoid a pack of litigious lawyers. The crowd at the Echoplex had already swarmed the front of the stage but I could see they had a lot of synthesizer gear on stage along with their Apple laptop with pulsating beats blaring over the speakers. I could have sworn they had a Future Retro Revolution synthesizer module on their workbench but it was fairly dark. I missed most of their set but was intrigued enough to catch them again.

Cut Copy

My crystal ball seems to be working fairly well these days as I mentioned in my review of Cut Copy at the Echo that they could have easily sold out the Echoplex. It didn't take too long for the show to sell out as the Echoplex was completely packed with fans who may have missed the Echo show. Cut Copy just finished wrapping up their U.S. tour with the Black Kids and added one final Los Angeles show before they returned down under.

"Out There On The Ice" from In Ghost Colours ignited the dance party as the sugary synthesizers compelled the audience to move. Dan Whitford (Vocals/Guitars/Synthesizers) had his Dave Smith synthesizer scorching as he frequently modulated the pitch wheel. The dance party had officially begun as Cut Copy was in high gear. "Lights & Music" continued to whip the crowd into a frenzy as Tim Hoey (Guitars/Synthesizers) played the sinewy guitar line. The saxophone sample was massively huge during "Hearts On Fire" as the show was quickly eclipsing the energy of the Echo show. If you didn't have a drink in your hand, you were probably dancing to "Far Away" as the beat is irresistible. The night was perfectly capped with "Time Stands Still" as the party revelers emptied out of the steamy Echoplex.

I wanted to go to the afterparty with that featured DJ sets from KIM from The Presets, Cut Copy, and DJ Kid Lightning but thought that two shows in one night was enough. The Presets were also playing the next night at the El Rey so I needed to conserve what little energy I had left. I hear rumors that Cut Copy will be back soon.

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Jack Astro said...

I can see the FR Revolution in the Classixx pic. You can tell it is a Revo because it has 4 DIN sockets on the back.