Monday, February 08, 2010

Yeasayer and Warpaint at the Natural History Museum

Check out my photos of Yeasayer and Warpaint at the Natural History Museum over at Stereogum.


Jennifer N. said...

Thought this show was great! The photos were good as well. I probably saw you - I was at the front of the stage, right in the middle.

Weird question - towards the end of the Yeasayer set, do you know exactly why some guy was running up and down the crowd with a portable light? My friend and I were trying to figure this out; we couldn't see a video camera nearby, which is the normal prompt such unusual exertions.

lafamos said...

went to this show for yeasayer, was surprised at how well warpaint performed.

Even saw some of the dinos get into it.

Amateur Chemist said...

Hey Jennifer..A bunch of cameras were placed on stage so I think the guy was lighting you up and switching the cameras on when he passed. I need to check the webcast.

Jennifer N. said...

Thanks for that - I knew there was webcasting, but I didn't notice the cameras on stage.

Anonymous said...

This show was great!! I posted some links and a setlist at just search for Yeasayer.

The reason for the lights was that they were filming the whole show in 3D. There was a huge camera set up to the right of the stage and back about 30 feet, right where I was standing for Warpaint. Spoke to the camera crew briefly and they said the whole show would be taped in 3D and would be available at some point in the future, but they didn't know where.

My completely unprofessional opinion is that the lights were being used to create sharply contrasting shadows in order to create the stereoscopic (3D) effect. Basically, the moving shadows give the 2D video a sense of depth and perspective. Or something like that.