Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nightmare Air at the Echo

A sonically adventurous group of bands were expertly assembled by Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands at the Echo to celebrate "Decembering". Square on Square, KAV, Hellen Stellar and Nightmare Air each had something unique to offer for the intrepid music fan.

Square on Square
Headed up by Evan Slamka who used to front Marjorie Fair, Square on Square delivered a cinematic swirl of a set with multiple layers of keyboards and floating guitars. Definitely check out "Found" on their myspace page for a good representation of their sound.

KAV was the pleasant surprise of the night with a galloping set harkening the likes of Oasis and Primal Scream. KAV used to play guitar in the Happy Mondays and his British background easily shone through with the rambling "Blaggers N' Liars". Cheers indeed!

Hellen Stellar
Guitars were heavily emphasized throughout the evening and it was no exception for Hellen Stellar. It was their first show in quite sometime and it was the debut of their new guitarist. Check out "Flutterby" on their myspace page with its droning guitars and escalating vocal lines.

Nightmare Air
Nightmare Air went on criminally late, but for those who stayed will easily agree they were blown away. It was a colossal avalanche of sound as Dave Dupuis (Guitars/Vocals) was toe-tapping across his two pedalboards. Swaan Miller (Bass/Vocals) anchored the bass lines while James Smith (Drums) provided the propulsive drumming for "Who Who Lies".

"Shock Of The New" utilizes both the vocals of Swaan and Dave as the song starts off reminiscent of Lush before blasting off into another dimension and returning to the clouds with the ethereal vocals of Swaan. Nightmare Air will be embarking on a short tour of the East Coast and I implore you to check them out. Bring your earplugs and prepare for aural awesomeness.

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