Sunday, April 12, 2009

Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards at Club Nokia

Jonathan from Korn
Jonathan and Fieldy from Korn
Alice in Chains
Scott Ian from Anthrax
Tom Araya from Slayer
Chuck Billy from Testament
Sick Puppies
Protest The Hero
The Cult/Owl

I felt like a paparazzi standing on the "black carpet" for the inaugural Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods awards held at Club Nokia. Stationed between Fox Sports Net and Metromix, I snapped a few pictures of an assortment of metal folks making their arrival to the show. I lent a helping hand to Fox Sports Net by identifying Lemmy Kilmister and told them to ask him about the Headcat. I would have stayed longer on the carpet if it wasn't for the inclement weather.

Undoubtedly the loudest awards show ever, I walked into Club Nokia to have my ears assaulted by a DJ set from Corey Taylor of Slipknot. He played Metallica "Master Of Puppets" which ignited the circle pit on the floor.

Brian Posehn from the Sarah Silverman show hosted the awards show and did the best job he could given the circumstances. He was plagued with a faulty microphone throughout the night which interrupted whatever flow he was trying to establish.

The awards were very appropriate for a metal show. The "Monster Riff" award went to Slipknot for "All Hope Is Gone". Not surprisingly, the award was sponsored by Monster Energy drink. In the "No duh" department, Lemmy presented the "Metal Industry" award to the Rainbow Bar & Grill. I'm surprised Lemmy left the bar to present the award. Marta Peterson from Bleeding Through accepted her "Hottest Metal Chick" award with flying colors by thanking her parents for the piano lessons or she would have been just another "hot chick". I hope she was being sarcastic.

Since it was a heavy metal awards show, I didn't expect it to run as smoothly as the Grammy's. It was chaotic but would do you expect? One snag of the show was that the bands used their full stage setup which made for some lengthy changeovers. The acceptance speeches by the bands were hilariously short. Ozzy had a ten minute video introduction to which he complained about standing for so long waiting to go on stage.

In the band performance department, Killswitch Engage put together a strong set. Suicide Silence and All That Remains were okay but I am not that familiar with their recorded output. Suicide Silence should have got the award for best synchronized headbanging.

The main attraction of the evening was Megadeth. I reviewed and photographed Megadeth for OC Weekly almost a year ago when they ripped up the Long Beach Arena. The wait was lengthy but they came locked and loaded by ripping through "Peace Sells", "Sweating Bullets" and "Holy Wars". Overall, the Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods awards had a few bumps and bruises but that is to be expected when you hang out in the mosh pit.

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