Monday, April 07, 2008

Digitalism at the El Rey Theatre

I will admit I discovered Digitalism by hearing their electro riffic remix of The Presets song "Down Down Down". I would later pick up their debut album "Idealism" which is ripe with elements of Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and New Order. The album was a huge sampler of all my favorite electronica bands uniquely twisted only in a way that is Digitalism. I wasn't too surprised that they sold out the El Rey as the crowd went absolutely bonkers with a dance party erupting inside.

Guns N Bombs

Guns N Bombs turned out to be more guns than bombs. Guns N Bombs is a DJ/Remix team of Johnny Love and Filip Turbotito. Filip was not with Johnny on this particular night as I believe he was having visa problems that prevented his entrance to the country. Johnny was laying down distorted electro beats that the crowd seemed to have enjoyed. I like some electro songs but much rather see some performance behind the sounds so DJ sets are not really up my alley.


Digitalism ruled the stage from the first pulsating note to the final electronic glitch of the night. Digitalism is the electrifying duo of Jens "Jence" Moelle and İsmail "Isi" Tüfekçi who hail from Hamburg, Germany. Digitalism was behind a large table scattered with microKorg synthesizers and mixers as three large screens provided a visual extravaganza. The driving guitar riff of "I Want, I Want" was blaring over the speaker system as Jens was stationed behind a vintage microphone singing along. Isi had a mini electronic drum kit set up and was pounding away as the dance floor bounced in unison. It was pure hedonism at its best. Digitalism was adept at melting songs together to prevent the crowd from stopping their continuing dance party. The clapping started up as the rumbling electronic glitches of "Anything New" roared and people had their hands in the air as security tried to push the masses back from rushing the stage. "Digitalism in Cairo" was nothing short of outstanding as various pyramids and the Egyptian God Anubis flickered on the projection screens. The song ended in digital screams as it quickly morphed into "Echoes". The temperature was quickly rising at the El Rey Theatre without any signs of cooling off as Digitalism was an electronic powered bulldozer destroying everyone in its path. The decibel meter was climbing as it seemed like the music was getting louder to compensate for all the screams of delight from the crowd as "Magnets" was as close to a Daft Punk song as you can get without seeing two guys in robot suits. "Idealistic" had the characteristic "Digitalism" logo flash for a split second as the song built up to its bombastic apex that ended in roaring sirens. Isi was up next as stepped out from behind the table with his microphone almost yelling at the crowd "We have biggest party ever in LA". The energy in the room was off the charts as Digitalism stepped on the gas and hit you upside the head with "Zdarlight". "Pogo" was my personal highlight of the night as it seamlessly combines laser blasting synthesizers and a rambling guitar riff. It was ironic that Jens was singing "There's something in the air!" because there was. It was Digitalism.

Partial Digitalism Setlist for The El Rey Theatre(4/1/2008)
"I Want I Want"
"Anything New"
"Digitalism In Cairo"
"Idealistic" vocals
"ZDRLT Rewind"
"Jupiter Room"
"The Pulse"

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